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Source generation utilities

Utilities for easy implementation of source generators. A big thanks to TheArchitectDev for providing many of these extensions.

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  • TryGetArguments: Tries to get the arguments of the attribute.
  • GetArgumentOrDefault: Gets the value of the attribute argument, or the (provided) default value if the argument was not provided.
  • TryGetArgument: Tries to get the value of the attribute argument.


  • IsInSystemNamespace**: Returns whether the given INamedTypeSymbol is or resides in the System namespace.
  • HasFullName**: Returns whether the given INamedTypeSymbol has the given 'fullName'.


  • HasAttributeName: Checks if a name syntax has a specific attribute of provided 'expectedName'.
  • ExtractAttributeName: Extracts the attribute name from the name syntax.


  • TrimEnd: Trims the end of a StringBuilder.
  • AppendLine: Appends the StringBuilder with the provided text retriever (Func<string?>) and adds a newline if the resulting text is not null.


  • ToTitleCase: Returns the input with the first character converted to uppercase.
  • NormalizeWhitespace**: Normalizes the whitespace for the given C# source code as much as possible.
  • GetStableHashCode32**: Gets a stable hash code (int).
  • GetStableHashCode64**: Gets a stable hash code (ulong).
  • GetStableStringHashCode32**: Gets a stable int hash code as string.
  • GetStableStringHashCode64**: Gets a stable ulong hash code as string.
  • ToBase32Chars8**: Converts the given 8 bytes to 13 base32 chars.
  • Write: Returns specific text when the provided value is not null.


  • GetClassGenericConstraints: Gets the generic constraints of a TypeDeclarationSyntax.
  • GetUsings: Gets the usings of a TypeDeclarationSyntax.


  • IsType**: Returns whether the ITypeSymbol is of a specific type.
  • IsOrInheritsClass**: Returns whether the ITypeSymbol is or inherits from a certain class, as determined by the given predicate.
  • IsOrImplementsInterface**: Returns whether the ITypeSymbol is or implements a certain interface, as determined by the given predicate.
  • HasSingleGenericTypeArgument**: Returns whether the is a constructed generic type with a single type argument matching the provided 'requiredTypeArgument'.
  • IsNumeric: Returns whether the represents an numeric type, such as an int or ulong.
  • IsGeneric**: Returns whether the is a generic type (with the given number of type parameters).
  • IsNullable**: Returns whether the is a Nullable<T>.
  • IsSelfEquatable**: Returns whether the given implements IEquatable{T} against itself.
  • IsComparable**: Returns whether the implements any IComparable or interface.
  • IsEnumerable**: Returns whether the is or implements System.Collections.IEnumerable.
  • HasEqualsOverride**: Returns whether the or a base type has an override of more specific than Object's implementation.
  • HasAttribute**: Returns whether the is annotated with the specified attribute(s).
  • HasConversionTo**: Returns whether the defines a conversion to the specified type.
  • HasConversionFrom**: Returns whether the defines a conversion from the specified type.
  • GetAvailableConversionsFromNatives**: Enumerates the native types (string, int, bool, decimal, double, char, etc.) from which the given is convertible.
  • CreateStringExpression**: Returns the code for a string expression of the given of "this".
  • CreateComparisonExpression**: Returns the code for a comparison expression on the given 'memberName' between "this" and "other".
  • GetFullTypeNameWithoutGenericParameters: Converts names like string to global::System.String excluding generic parameter names (if used).
  • GetFullTypeNameWithGenericParameters: Converts names like string to global::System.String including generic parameter names (if used).
  • GetTypeNameWithGenericParameters: Gets the type name including generic parameters (without namespace).
  • GetTypeKindName: Gets the name of the TypeKind. For example: a record class will be 'record class', an interface will be 'interface'.
  • GetObjectDeclaration: Gets the declaration of a class, record or interface. E.g.: 'public abstract (partial) class Test'.



  • GetFileName: Gets a unique source generation file name (takes namespaces and generic parameters into account).
    • Removes 'global::' from the start of the name if it exists.
    • Replaces invalid file name characters to '_'.
    • Removes the root namespace of the source assembly from the start file name.
    • Adds suffix '.g.cs' to the file name, if needed.


  • GetNameWithoutGenerics: Gets the name without generic parameters.
  • HasGenericParameter: Checks if a name contains a generic parameter.
  • GetNameWithGenerics: Gets the name of a class including the generic types. E.g: System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary'2 becomes System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<System.String,System.Object>.

** Has been provided by TheArchitectDev.

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