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Crossfades for your favourite Blazor website

Crossblade is a Blazor component for enabling crossfades when navigating between pages on your Blazor website. It works on every hosting model: Blazor WebAssembly (ASP.NET core hosted) or Blazor ServerSide. Crossfades will be triggered when navigating to different pages by default.

Check out to see this package in action, and to see more projects.

Getting started

  1. Install the package CodeChops.Crossblade in your Blazor project.
  2. Add builder.Services.AddCrossblade() to your Program.cs and provide the correct RenderEnvironment argument.
  3. Wrap your main component in the Crossblade component.
  4. Provide the following parameters (or don't provide them for the defaults):
    • AnimationDuration: The animation duration in milliseconds (default: 350ms).
    • FireOnNavigationChanging: Crossfade when navigating to different locations on your website (default: true).
    • TransitionTimingFunction: The transition timing function (default: ease-in).

If crossfades have to be triggered manually, simply call await CrossBlade.Execute().

Try it out

In order to try out this package, you need to execute the following easy steps:

  • Create a new Blazor ServerSide / WebAssembly (hosted) project from the default templates of .NET 7.
  • Follow the Getting started steps above.
  • Optionally add the following css to your site.css or app.css (depending on the hosting model):
/* This will create a white background so the crossfades look better. */

main {
    background-color: white;
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